how did modern ritual begin?

MR came to be when Rena noticed the lack of inspiring, relatable Jewish content on Instagram in spring 2017. She wondered, who was the right partner for creating this amazing content and building this community? Enter: friend and colleague, Sam. 

Does modern ritual meet in person?

Not yet!  But stay tuned!  

In the meantime, you can send us a message and we can help you connect to a community in your area.

I'm into judaism, but not sure where to start. what should i do?

We love this question! And the answer is - that depends on you! Maybe that's reading a book, getting connected to a local community, or simply hosting friends for a Shabbat dinner. Let us know how we can help you figure it out - by sending us a message, here online or via Instagram DM. 


What is modern ritual about?

Modern Ritual models passionate, resonant Jewish life. We are driven by our feminist values and a desire to make Judaism accessible to all.  Jewish life is enriched when we all participate, and you don't need a lot of background to get involved.  We inspire your learning and your practice by sharing what's meaningful to us. 

What are you reading?

We're always reading! Check out our "What we're Reading tab" for our latest reads and recommendations.

i have a big jewish question, and i want to talk to someone trustworthy about it.

Send us a message!  We'll be happy to help you start to find an answer (books etc.) or connect you to a Rabbi who can talk to you. 

I want more Modern Ritual! Where else can I find you?

We're also full-time students, balancing school and student pulpits, plus Modern Ritual. For now, our Instagram is where you'll find us - and when you follow us there, you'll be the first to know when we're branching out!